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Verizon to expose copyright trolls

TorrentFreak is celebrating the fact that Verizon is taking on the anonymous bullying of copyright trolls. Supposedly, this is to protect the customers. That’s the spin. While it is nice to imagine a corporation of any sort would stick its neck out to protect its customers, nothing is ever that simple. You see, a customer who is successfully sued by an outside entity will cease to be a customer. They are often sued for thousands to millions of dollars for copyright violations. The average joe, who is always the target of these disputes, cannot afford that. Why would they continue using Verizon service after finding themselves in in debt for that much? A successfully sued customer is no longer a Verizon customer, which means Verizon gets nothing out of the deal.

Clearly, fighting back for the customer is just a way to continue receiving money from the customer. Verizon isn’t riding in on a white horse. It’s just reigning in the money flowing from its current and future customers.

Further Misogyny

I’ve heard great things about the Reddit community, but I always seem to find the worst things when I go there. Today I found someone’s sharing a graphic from 4-Chan about the Feminist Frequency issue. It’s not a fair view of the situation. Some responses have been supportive of the project, but there are so many voices stating the same things: she should get over it, she’s profiting from sympathy, and feminism really wants to tip the scale in the other direction/equality does not mean entitlement. What do you think?