X-Men: First Class – racial tensions

Only white people need apply. Or blue if you're white underneath or spend most of your time looking white.

My displeasure with the rest of the X-Men film franchise almost led me to not seeing X-Men: First Class, despite the early good reviews. Social stimulation brought me out to see it, and I was pleasantly surprised. Unfortunately, it did not make up for the Wolverine-centered focus in the first three films, the utter banality of X-Men, the almost good film ruined by a completely ridiculously stupid ending that was X-2 (seriously, the X-Men are trained to be a team, so it doesn’t make sense that Jean Gray would fight a tidal wave by herself when Storm can send a strong wind against it, Iceman can freeze water, and Cyclops’ blasts are actually a physical force…), the complete miss that was X-Men 3, or the existence of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But it was a clever movie in that it was a period piece and mixed a tiny bit of the spy genre into the plot. It almost made the film seem classy.

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What I learned from The Social Network

It was hard to write a post regarding a movie like this, since the whole presentation right down to the poster was so incredibly classy compared to...well, everything else.

I could honestly care less for Mark Zuckerberg. He built a social networking site that was originally popular for the allowance of egoism and stalking but now persists largely due to me-tooism and time wasting games. The fact that he has done this without charging users is pretty amazing. However, I do not know him personally and cannot assume much of anything regarding his goals. This is why I do not care for him. Continue reading “What I learned from The Social Network”