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Amazon provides you a digital copy

If you haven’t checked your Amazon account in a while, you really should make your way there and to their Cloud Player. Every physical album you’ve purchased since 1998 will automatically be uploaded to your personal Amazon Cloud Player, so long as Amazon currently has the digital rights to the albums. This means that you have a free digital copy stored online that you can listen to and download at any time. Great move!

This is honestly something of which I would like to see more. The current climate of physical or digital doesn’t make sense to me. Every item that you purchase physically should automatically grant you access to a digital copy, especially if it is an item that is so easily copied anyway. This would be a great value for consumers, especially those who are collectors. Not to mention the fact that, while digital sales haven’t overtaken physical sales in all mediums, this could help to keep jobs in production factories. Digital-only should remain an option, but I don’t see the point.

Imagine a world in which you still get the tactile pleasure of flipping through pages of the latest novel or comic, popping open your new DVD/Blu-ray or video game, or inserting your latest CD into a player with full knowledge that should anything happen to them they are backed-up. Or that they are accessible to you while not physically in your presence. The future isn’t simply the digital revolution brought through MP3 players, e-readers, and streamed video. The future consists of options and access for media for which you paid.