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Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Remember when Optimus Prime was a pacifist who was only fighting to defend the humans? No, you’re right. Optimus Prime is blood thirsty warrior.

Transformers 3: All Your Cash are Belong to Us has been hailed as the best of the Michael Bay Transformers series, and people have been offering that praise with their tongues in their cheeks. When the other entries have been so soundly dismissed, that statement is meaningless. What people don’t give the Bayformers credit for doing is making the Transformers franchise relevant again. There is a positive involved in all of this, and Michael Bay shouldn’t be held in contempt for reinvigorating the robots and driving toy sales for not just the movie figures but all sales lines.

I’m not telling you that any of the movies are worth seeing. I’m just saying that Bay did something good for Hasbro and the Transformers in general. In my mind, Dark of the Moon is the cherry on top of the trilogy because it means the series is over. Read the rest of this entry