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Lil’ Thor commercial

This is the kind of advertising I can get behind. Really clever.

GameStop hilariously and cleverly promotes 3-for-2

GameStop’s business practices generally cannot be defended. Accounts of employee mistreatment are reported on the web almost weekly, and video game companies loathe the fact that used games net absolutely no profit for them. Up until now, their television commercials have been pretty boring, as well. Like I said, up until now…

The commercial may not say anything about their business, but it does effectively promote the idea of three and an association with two. (The symbolism is easy to follow, but I will explain it anyway: The three games deal stands out because the three arms were unexpected, and we remember the idea that it is for the price of two games because we only expected two arms.) Very clever, quite hilarious, and the shock value makes it memorable. What also made it work for me, and I may very well be alone in this, is that I expected the dad to give the kid a game and walk away with two for himself but got this commercial instead.

Macy’s Ad Dissonance -or- How Rent Sold Out

Have you seen the latest Macy’s commercial?

It is absolutely touching. Sweet imagery married to a lovely song about remembering the past year. How could they go wrong? Read the rest of this entry