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Netflix Wants All of Your Friends to Know Everything You’re Watching

Netflix Wants All of Your Friends to Know Everything You’re Watching.

It’s not about social networking, like everyone thinks. Spotify doesn’t share what you’re listening to because sharing information is inherently good. No, it’s because the user becomes a commercial for the kind of content provided by the service. A friend of the user might see the update and say, “Oh, I didn’t know Spotify had [insert band/artist here]! I think I’ll have to check that out.” Netflix wants to get into that same racket and would greatly benefit from it. The primary statement throughout the whole ordeal with pricing and service splitting was, “There’s nothing worth watching in their streaming catalog!” The best way to prove otherwise is to let users know what other users are finding. It’s a great business strategy in this social media world. Read the rest of this entry

Building Cult Status

I'm not giving anything away about next year's top pick...

The idea of a cult classic film or television series has been bothering me lately. If one really thinks about it, it’s more of a marketing term than anything else. According to Wikipedia, a cult film is one that ” that has acquired a highly devoted but specific group of fans.” By that definition alone, almost any film (or piece of art) can technically acquire cult status so long as two people really like it. The article goes on to say that not everything goes on to acquire cult status for a multitude of reasons. To this I have to ask Why? Why are lesser known films that a handful of people like not automatically cult classics? The answer is recognition. Read the rest of this entry

Lil’ Thor commercial

This is the kind of advertising I can get behind. Really clever.

To whom it may concern: A Sucker Punch

I figured if people were linking directly from my Photobucket account, I might as well get some free advertising out of it.


Now that I’ve spent my $7 and seen Sucker Punch, I can work on a letter I’ve been meaning to send out. Well, a series of letters, if you will. Sucker Punch is not the only film plagued by certain media problems, but it is one of the most recent. If you want, you can imagine this for other films. I definitely have ideas for other letters, too, based on the form of this one. Read the rest of this entry