UPDATE: Sony makes sure everyone knows how easy it is to share games on PS4

Sony is clearly trolling Microsoft, but it’s funny nonetheless.

It’s easy to make these jokes when one of the next major pushes are for digital and cloud content. There is also no resale available for digital and cloud games. It is clear to me that the best way to avoid the drama of DRM is to make sure that consumers don’t completely own their games in the first place.

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  1. [Might be on a problem on my end but the video isn’t playing now]

    Good for Sony for currently being the corner of gamers. However, if I were a video-game company, I wouldn’t trust them to deliver an effective network DRM solution. If Sony could maintain any semblance of online/cloud security, I suspect they would be poking around a network DRM option — ya know for the money.

    On a different note, their trolling of Microsoft make me unsure that Sony, the corporate entity, actually understands their customers wants and desires. It’s not about physical media. Gamers want control of their games and game environment. This includes playing them while not connected to the internet and being able to share with friends. It’s true that older technology can accomplish these tasks, but focusing on the technology is a mistake and a regressive business model. Hopefully Microsoft steps back and begins to approach gamers as reasonable citizens and not kleptomaniacs. Microsoft, baby, please, talk with VALVe. Blow me away. Allow Steam installed on your boxes, I might buy one.

    • Looks like the video was taken down, which is disappointing. Basically, the video said, “This is how easy it is to share games on PS4.” Then one man hands a game to another man. The end.

      Coming out of E3, though, I realize that Microsoft and Sony don’t care to understand their customers and are really focused around business (which makes sense, given that they are businesses). Microsoft might be making missteps with their “always one” Xbox One and telling customers that they can still have a good offline experience through the 360, but Sony is now forcing its customers to get Playstation Plus accounts in order to play multiplayer games online. In deciding a between a 360 and PS3, one of the factors that convinced me the latter would be a good purchase was the fact that one could play online without paying. This is something that just doesn’t make sense to me.

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