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Happy Birth- Oh, we can’t say that

Is there any case of copyright more egregious than that of “Happy Birthday to You”? I doubt it.

The purpose of creating art is to share something with the public conscience. Few are lucky enough to have something so well known, so iconic that everyone wants it to be everywhere. Copyright in some cases, like “Happy Birthday to You”, essentially tells people that a business owns a part of the culture. While this makes complete sense in a capitalistic culture, it is a sad reality. Rather than our culture’s being something we share, it’s something that we buy, borrow, and rent.

UPDATE: Sony makes sure everyone knows how easy it is to share games on PS4

Sony is clearly trolling Microsoft, but it’s funny nonetheless.

It’s easy to make these jokes when one of the next major pushes are for digital and cloud content. There is also no resale available for digital and cloud games. It is clear to me that the best way to avoid the drama of DRM is to make sure that consumers don’t completely own their games in the first place.

Out with the Used, In with the New Game Sales

The video game news junket has been going on quite a bit lately regarding the future of used game sales, thanks to both Sony’s and Microsoft’s mentions of the possibility that games could be linked to the consoles on which they were originally registered or some similar scheme. Game players do not like having their toys limited or taken away. To some, this is an affront to the hobby.

What no one is mentioning but should is that this is a great idea!

This isn’t me subscribing to the believe that used game sales damage the industry. If I believed nonsense like that, I’d also believe the nonsense about illegal downloads affecting entertainment sales. Those kinds of thoughts are the end result of poor analysis and obvious greed. My belief that quashing game resale is due to my being a longtime video game enthusiast and consumer. Read the rest of this entry