Monthly Archives: June 2012

Further Misogyny

I’ve heard great things about the Reddit community, but I always seem to find the worst things when I go there. Today I found someone’s sharing a graphic from 4-Chan about the Feminist Frequency issue. It’s not a fair view of the situation. Some responses have been supportive of the project, but there are so many voices stating the same things: she should get over it, she’s profiting from sympathy, and feminism really wants to tip the scale in the other direction/equality does not mean entitlement. What do you think?


I’ve seen the problem, and it is us

I talk a lot about my hangups regarding fan culture here, even going in depth as to my reasons for not wanting to label myself a geek or nerd anymore. It would be great if I could leave it at that. No one wants to read the incessant rants of cultural nay-sayer or, worse, a nerd shamer. But I can never be done with it so long as there is more fuel to add to the fire. Read the rest of this entry