Buffy and attention whoring

From my February 9th post called “Buffy pushes boundaries”:

They’re not going to go through with it. No mainstream comic has the gall to go through with something so taboo. Something is going to happen to stop it, or she is simply going to change her mind. After all, it is probably a magical pregnancy, and Angel‘s fourth season shows how that can go.

But I just don’t think Whedon will do it. This strikes me as nothing but attention-seeking. It’s clearly working since I’m writing about it, but I’m mostly setting this in writing so I can call back to it in disappointment. I want Whedon and company to prove me wrong, though. How far are they willing to go?

As it turns out, not very far.

I’m extremely disappointed. It’s not even a magical pregnancy but rather something off about the pH balance in the newest Buffybot. Regardless, this storyline could have easily happened, and probably been more intriguing, had it not had the obvious cry for attention that was the pregnancy/abortion part.

Not only is this bad storytelling but also a crude display of the worst thing about comics right now: sensationalism. If it’s not some ploy to get media attention – such as an abortion, a public unmasking, or a giant reset button – it’s a multiple title-spanning event. I know these sorts of things increase sales, meaning that the comic readers themselves (and non-readers whose curiosity somehow leads to sales) are little more than sheep, but something has to be said about how the integrity of a book is lost through this practice.

Say what one may about Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8, but it never stooped to the level of sensationalism to pad its sales. It told an interesting, coherent story that kept me mostly engaged until the end. This kind of crap just makes me want to take my business elsewhere.

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