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Dating Site Says Android Users Are More Likely to Give It Up on the First Date

Thanks go out to the Consumerist for bringing this article to my attention. It says that not only are Android users more likely to have sex on the first date, but they are also more likely to have one night stands and access dating websites than people who use iPhones or Blackberrys. Meanwhile, iPhone users are more likely to have office romances and call someone a day after the first date. Lastly, Blackberry users are most likely to drink on the first date and admit to having experienced love at first sight. But what does this all mean?

Well, this was a Canadian study, so it may not mean that much to those of us in the United States or anywhere else in the world. They are their own culture and approach technology, dating, and relationships differently. I know of no fundamental differences in their views compared to US views, but the worst anyone can do is assume that we’re all the same. The best we can do? Include a caveat about their being a different culture.

But there are connections between technology and relationships, or at least the attempt to relate. Android users are tech-oriented and tend to classify themselves as geeks or nerds. The classic view of geeks and nerds is that they are desperate to connect and will jump at the opportunity to conjugate with another person. And they will try harder to meet people – hence the dating sites.

iPhone users are all about infatuation. The Apple customer base is full of individuals who focus on the trends and have fallen in love with the idea of being streets ahead of the rest. They love to dream. The most likely target of infatuation will be someone convenient, like a classmate or coworker. And no, you cannot wait for your dreams. You don’t wait more than a day to try to get back in touch with them. Plus, y’know, the iPhone forces you into a pretty heavy phone plan. There’s no reason not to exercise it.

Blackberry users don’t want to spend all that money on other phones because they’ve got other things to spend money on, like social activities. When Blackberrys were the only high-end, not-quite-smart phones in existence, they were strategically marketed toward the business-inclined as well as those with active social lives. The latter hasn’t changed.

That’s my broad take away from the study. I expect people to pop in and tell me that they’re the exceptions to those rules. That’s fine. But look at the marketing. Look at everyone else using the machines. Let me know what you have to say after you really think it over.

And for those curious, I don’t own a smart phone yet; I’m holding out until it’s my own only choice for a device. If I had to choose one of the three devices, though, it’d be an Android. I’m undoubtedly their target audience.

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  1. OkCupid, an online dating site, did some analysis with their user’s photos —

    One product of their research is the statement: iPhone users (controlled for age: 30) have more sexual partners. Blackberry is next. Followed up by Android.

    As for the culture that is Canada, RIM, the makers of Blackberry is a Canadian company and owns 40% of their market, where iPhone has 30% and Android 25%. (Where is that other 5% ?). Also, perhaps of note is Android probably has more cheap entry level smart phones.

    @GospelX — Why are you waiting for smart phone (other than cost)?

    • Corey, the cost is the main factor, followed by the fact that I don’t want to constantly be connected or even have the option readily available to be connected. I spend more than enough time connected to networks, be it 8+ hours a day at work in front of a computer or at home updating my blog and checking my e-mail. Not to mention Netflix, the internet connectivity of my gaming devices, etc. I enjoy not being connected and revel in simplicity. I didn’t even get a phone with a camera until my carrier stopped offering ultra basic phones.

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