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On social networking…

Social networking is the fog we use to confuse our relationships and obscure our antisocial habits. Thoughts?

Louis CK takes matters into his own hands

What Louis CK knows that most media companies don’t — Tech News and Analysis.

This is the opening salvo for which I’ve been waiting. The war on traditional media distribution has begun, and content creators finally have someone to prop up as an example of success. By the time this post is released, Louis CK has made over $500,000 on his stand up act. It must be noted that he offered it to consumers for $5 in a DRM-free digital format. He has claimed over $200,000 of that for himself. The rest goes to the website, production, etc. The whole venture was a gamble that paid off. Read the rest of this entry

Netflix Wants All of Your Friends to Know Everything You’re Watching

Netflix Wants All of Your Friends to Know Everything You’re Watching.

It’s not about social networking, like everyone thinks. Spotify doesn’t share what you’re listening to because sharing information is inherently good. No, it’s because the user becomes a commercial for the kind of content provided by the service. A friend of the user might see the update and say, “Oh, I didn’t know Spotify had [insert band/artist here]! I think I’ll have to check that out.” Netflix wants to get into that same racket and would greatly benefit from it. The primary statement throughout the whole ordeal with pricing and service splitting was, “There’s nothing worth watching in their streaming catalog!” The best way to prove otherwise is to let users know what other users are finding. It’s a great business strategy in this social media world. Read the rest of this entry

Microsoft joins list of companies opting consumers out of suing them

Batgirl 15 - Bruce Wayne - Vengeance for Rights

Stop Suing the Game Companies Because They Said So | GamePolitics.

Microsoft joins the list of companies that puts into its terms of service that you cannot join class action suits against them. In this special case, if you go through the measures necessary to opt out of waiving your right to sue, you cannot use Xbox Live. That’s pretty horrible.

This really shouldn’t have become a thing to do. It’s clear why companies would want to cover their asses with such legalese, especially since the Sony Network and Xbox Live have histories of going down and hacks. However, how is this legal? This is a ridiculous legal precedent that I’m surprised hasn’t yet been fought.

Zelda: Skyward Sword has a nasty bug

Zelda - Skyward Sword - Goron Miner

Beware This Game-Breaking Zelda: Skyward Sword Bug.

I made the mistake of silently mocking Skyrimmers because while I believe the game may be as great as they perceive it to be, it’s full of bugs and glitches. I think a game that needs to be patched to be completely playable is not a game that should be released into the wild. Well, at least Skyrim was released on systems that could receive patches.

Reading the news of Skyward Sword‘s bug was tremendously disappointing, despite its being very fortunate for me. I read it immediately after reaching the point where it would matter to me. I honestly considered heading to the location of the Thunder Dragon first. Anyway, this means that the game is kind of a failure in my mind. Who wouldn’t QC the only point in the game (so far) where the player can honestly choose Link’s path? This is mind-bogglingly disappointing.

Worse yet, this is the second Legend of Zelda game on the Wii to feature a game stopping bug! I’m quite well known as a Nintendo sympathizer, but this falls outside of my ability to minimize. Zelda is one of Nintendo’s biggest names. It doesn’t make sense to not make sure it’s perfect.