ANARCHY | Frank Miller Ink

ANARCHY | Frank Miller Ink.

For the past couple of years, people have been asking what has happened to Frank Miller. The Sin City and The Dark Knight Returns scribe met disappointment with his take on a young Batman and Robin in All-Star Batman and Robin. He followed that with the recently released critical failure (and utter piece of trash in this blogger’s opinion) Holy Terror. The man is completely entitled to his opinion, but he may have definitely put a final nail into the coffin containing a sizable amount of his fandom with talk of the immaturity and aimlessness of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Well, that and he peppered his commentary with more of the bigoted xenophobia found in Holy Terror.

The truth is Frank Miller has had some good story ideas (like the concept behind Batman: Year One and the whole approach to dealing with Silver Age Green Lantern in ASBAR), but he has never been a great writer and has always been insane. My primary issue with Miller’s writing is that it always falls back on “might makes right”. I’m not familiar with his CV, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t include a run writing for any Spider-Man book or Fantastic Four. But how about a book with Batman laying the smackdown on Superman? How about kicking a dude down a pit? How about shooting off a man’s mutated testicles? He’s good at that sort of thing. That’s solid, immediately gratifying entertainment. That’s the kind of mind we’re dealing with here.

And as much as I don’t care for much of what Frank Miller has done, I’ll pay to see Sin City 2 as soon as it comes out in the theater because I like the style. I’m not buying his books, and I’m not even remotely agreeing with his stand on anything. The guy’s kind of crazy, so you should expect his work to be uneven and his opinions to be unpleasant.

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  1. Frank Miller falls oddly in a similar category as Jeph Loeb to me. This camp consists of these writers with legendary stories that I never read that write new books only to write utter junk. Unfortunately, I have lost interest in reading “The Long Halloween” simply because Loeb’s Wolverine run (with the death of Sabertooth) and run in the Ultimate Universe (Ultimates 3, Ultimatum) were of the, if not the, worst things that I’ve ever read in comics.

    • Ultimates 3 and Ultimatum bring about mixed feelings in me. They had great concepts and really moved the Ultimate Universe in a truly interesting direction (which took a couple of years to fully pay off), but the writing and pacing in them was absolutely horrid. I’m surprised the Ultimate line of comics didn’t come to a dead stop because of them.

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