New Ultimate Spider-Man 4 – Great Power and Responsibility

To be honest, I really am into this All New Ultimate Spider-Man series. Right now there is a lack of action in order to establish this very much not Peter Parker character. This is extremely necessary because we do not need a complete retread of what we’re used to, lest we get what can be described as simply “the black Spider-Man.” No, this is Miles Morales. He has his own baggage.

What intrigues me about his origin story is that he looks up to the Peter Parker Spider-Man, and he feels responsible for not coming forth with his powers and being of aid to him in his final hour. The lesson here is interesting: A true hero is supportive of heroes. Or, stated another way, you won’t do anyone any good without taking risks yourself.

But what makes this extra interesting is the full circle it takes in closing off the Peter Parker saga of Ultimate Spider-Man. In Miles’s story, Peter plays the role of Uncle Ben. Because Miles did not take the risk in using his powers for the greater good, Peter has passed. Miles learns his lesson and goes on to become, potentially a great hero while elevating Peter to the level of his own inspiration. Brilliant!

Extra points need to be given to this issue for making me re-experience the point leading up to the tear-inducer I noted in Ultimate Fallout. Yes, it still gets me. It’s either that effective or I am extremely easy. For the sake of my self-esteem, can we say it’s the former and not the latter?

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  1. I meant to tell you, that was mentioned in the panel as well (Peter Parker becoming his Uncle Ben). Also him dealing with essentially coming out to the hero scene in the wake of this anti-mutant hysteria.

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