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Jennifer’s Body

Jennifer’s Body is a film that doesn’t deserve half the spurning it got from the critics. It was one of those bodies that was just released at the wrong time – and that time was the height of Megan Fox’s starlet status. If memory serves, this might have been around the same time she likened Michael Bay to Hitler. It was not unreasonable to dislike her. The worst thing Fox can do for her career is say anything that isn’t written down for her. Read the rest of this entry

Ultimate Fallout

“The Death of Spider-Man” storyline clearly irked me. This Ultimate Fallout book subtitled “Spider-Man No More” seems to be a clearly indulgent cash grab. Six issues of mourning for the alternate version of Marvel’s most celebrated character. I don’t need to mention again that Spider-Man is my favorite superhero, nor do I need to mention that I absolutely loved the Ultimate version up until the ultimatum wave hit. (Yeah, it was a weird thing that happened. Magneto reversed the magnetic poles of the Earth.) I’m definitely going to read about the funeral for this character, especially as it seems that despite the crap he received as a superhero, almost all of New York seems to be attending his funeral. It’s touching. Read the rest of this entry

Netflix reveals people’s first-world problems

Read Netflix’s blog post about the change in their service rates!

It has only been a day, but there is a large outcry over the fact that Netflix plans to introduce new subscriptions and change the rates of their old subscriptions. The biggest news is that people have the choice of having only one DVD out at a time for $8 or just stream online for $8. To combine the two plans is roughly $16 a month. That currently costs about $10 a month, so I guess there’s a little room for complaint. Read the rest of this entry

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Remember when Optimus Prime was a pacifist who was only fighting to defend the humans? No, you’re right. Optimus Prime is blood thirsty warrior.

Transformers 3: All Your Cash are Belong to Us has been hailed as the best of the Michael Bay Transformers series, and people have been offering that praise with their tongues in their cheeks. When the other entries have been so soundly dismissed, that statement is meaningless. What people don’t give the Bayformers credit for doing is making the Transformers franchise relevant again. There is a positive involved in all of this, and Michael Bay shouldn’t be held in contempt for reinvigorating the robots and driving toy sales for not just the movie figures but all sales lines.

I’m not telling you that any of the movies are worth seeing. I’m just saying that Bay did something good for Hasbro and the Transformers in general. In my mind, Dark of the Moon is the cherry on top of the trilogy because it means the series is over. Read the rest of this entry

Another Sucker Punch

Steampunk is what happens when goths discover the color brown.

Because I enjoyed Sucker Punch so much when I saw it in the theatre, I jumped at the opportunity to purchase the DVD. Unfortunately, the DVD edition lacks the extended cut provided on the Blu-Ray release. (No, I don’t have a Blu-Ray player yet; I’ll be holding off until the players are relatively cheap and I’m forced to make the leap forward. Or if someone just buys me one.) I cannot comment on the full version of the film, but I can comment again on the theatrical cut. Read the rest of this entry