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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8, issue 40 – a failure and a success

The problem fans had with Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 8 became crystalized to me after reading the final issue of the series. Spike has a conversation with Buffy that likens her not to her past self but to Angel, who had a history of making tough choices while Buffy merely had to find a way to beat the bad guys. Read the rest of this entry

Identity Crisis

Cover of the collected edition, with a special introduction by Joss Whedon - who later tapped author Meltzer to write for the Buffy Season 8 comics (yes, random trivia is available)

In 1994, writer Brad Meltzer attempted a story concept that DC Comics had not tried since Watchmen – the superhero murder mystery. It is true that characters are murdered in mysterious fashion in superhero books, but the books are still primarily about action and fighting. The hero does solve the mystery, but at the pace appropriate for a mystery story. Usually, the last ten minutes of that sort of storyline are relegated to the hero mentioning clues and a number of other items that were kept obfuscated from the reader due to either poor writing (no one can prematurely solve the crime if the clues are kept out of sight) or poorer writing (no one can prematurely solve the crime if the solution was not decided until the last ten pages were written). Fortunately Meltzer avoided that in writing DC’s Identity Crisis, but the reader would need to both completely ignore the well written red herrings presented as well as have a strong familiarity with all of the characters involved in order to jump to the appropriate conclusion. Read the rest of this entry

Movie tickets sales were very low last year, and I had the foresight to post why

Last year I caught wind of an article explaining the then imminent movie ticket price hike and wrote a post about it. Within the post I suggested that people start boycotting the theatres until ticket prices drop, but I also suggested that doing so was petty. However, I made a particularly worthwhile statement that bears repeating: “They do not seem to understand that hiking up the prices because people are going will eventually lead to people not going.” Read the rest of this entry