Super High Me

A very appropriate poster

Doug Benson is an undeniably funny guy, but he is a poor choice for involvement in a documentary or advocacy piece. The film Super High Me is amusing in that it involves Benson going through a 30 day sober period from cannabis followed by a 30 day non-stop period of cannabis use. Obviously, this is a parody of Super Size Me, which I honestly advocate showing to anyone who eats too much fast food or does not understand the effects of a poor diet. Super High Me will never be advocated in that manner. At best, one can advise to watch it when in a group of high or even drunk companions.

The parts in the film that interested me the most were the portions documenting the cannabis culture in California. From Oaksterdam to the various pot shops elsewhere, I was hooked on getting a better understanding of just what is out there. Even more interesting was the bit about John Smith, a vigilante of sorts working against cannabis culture and ruining lives. I could watch an entire movie about that man. Who does that?

Then again, who makes a cannabis documentary filled with false hope? There was a blip in there that really got to me. It stated that 1/3 of the marijuana distributed in the United States is produced in California, and it is subsequently a cash crop that brings in billions of dollars. This leads to a conclusion I heard repeated ad nauseum prior to the latest term election from the pro-marijuana advocates in California, that taxing the crop would bring in millions of dollars. Honestly, you cannot come up with those numbers based on a product whose majority of nationwide sales are made off the record.

Do not watch this movie hoping to tap into deeper knowledge regarding drug culture. Do not watch this movie hoping to turn your friends to accepting your drug preference. Watch this movie for a good time, or, like I said, if you are in an appropriately inebriated social situation. The movie does not compare to Super Size Me in most socially redeeming ways, but most will find it much more fun.


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