Easy A

After watching Easy A, the new teen comedy starring Emma Stone, my friend cried BS because it features a house party full of rampant teenagers. He said that in this day and age parents would not allow their children to have such large parties. I quickly pointed out that some parents are negligent, and in addition this story takes place in sunny California where big parties are simply expected.

I also had to cry shenanigans after seeing the movie, but mainly because the opening narration by Stone’s character said that she was unattractive and unnoticed by everyone in school.

If this is what gets unnoticed in high school, I am frightened by what people actually want these days.

Really? TV Tropes calls this Hollywood Homely. I just think it fails to help young women with their self image issues. In a story about losing sight of one’s identity and failing to see the truth beyond the rumor, I think this counts as an above average failure on the part of the movie.

Which in all honesty is not a bad movie at all. The humor was clever, mainly because Emma Stone’s character was of noticeably above average intellect. And the story was outright heartwarming. The lesson was that no matter what people say about you, there will be people who will always know the truth. Do not lose perspective of who you are because of what other people think – and you can always turn to the right people if you ever lose sight. While this is no doubt an important lesson for the teens who should turn out in droves to see the film, the lesson could still do well when shared before an adult audience.

Also appreciable is that many inconsistencies or shortcomings can be waved off by the fact that the story is being told by Stone’s character via real time webcast. My thoughts while watching were that Lisa Kudrow’s character toward the end was acting a bit over the top and childish, but that could have just been how Stone was seeing it. Same for the gushing love Amanda Bynes’ character had for her over the course of one day. If it seems exaggerated or people seem a bit too stupid, it is because of the story’s framework. That was an excellent choice by the writer(s).

Do not drop everything to see this movie. But do not turn your nose up at it if you get the chance to see it.

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