The Last Exorcism

You know what? I want to write a review, but there is nothing more I can say than to go see this movie. It is superbly written and well performed. Patrick Fabian has always pleased me in his television appearances (see Saved by the Bell: The College Years, Veronica Mars season 3, and even one episode of Bones), but he really stands out in the leading roll as Reverend Cotton Marcus. He is completely lovable while essentially praying on people’s faith, and you cannot doubt his goal in exposing exorcism to save the lives of children. (He lost his faith after reading about an impaired child’s being suffocated by exorcists who were trying to save him.) While Ashley Bell, as Nell the possessed girl, also gave an outstanding performance, it was hard to believe that she was 14. Aside from that, everything was perfect. The ending will definitely disappointed some viewers, but there was really no other way. The movie had me locked into my seat. The first half of the film is lighthearted and then you are whiplashed into chaos and fear. And then you might be left with a simple question: What do you want to believe?

This is how some of the people in the audience with me felt after seeing the movie

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