Mosque NEAR ground zero

The building of the mosque near the former site of the World Trade Center should not be the news magnet it is today. There should be no schism between whether or not it is right to do so, disrespectful, etc. It is a site of religious practice near a site of disaster that happened without regard to religion.

I find myself echoing my father’s words exactly in this: The terrorists have already won. The fear and hate created by the horrific 9/11 attacks has shown that Americans are weak. The mosque’s becoming an issue solidifies this completely. What Americans like to boast is that we are more free than any other country on this planet. One of the most important freedoms, and one reason we were initially founded, is our religious freedom. If we cannot allow our fellow countrypeople their place to worship outside of the mainstream religions (Christianity and Judaism), then we are showing that we no longer care about the freedoms for which we claim to stand.

Like I said, if we go back on what we supposedly stand for, then we have let the terrorists know that they have affected our everyday lives. They know they have won. Every time we deny a mosque, the terrorists have won. Every time the TSA takes someone’s Swiss army knife or leatherman, the terrorists have won. Until we get past that, the terrorists have won.

Rima Fakih has said this regarding the mosque issue: “I totally agree with President Obama [but] it shouldn’t be so close to the World Trade Center. We should be more concerned with the tragedy than religion.” I find this to be a completely diplomatic response by someone who has been grilled for her Middle Eastern background but wanted to run for Miss Universe…

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  1. I think Bloomberg put it well … The firefighters who lost their lives rushing into ground zero didn’t ask beforehand which religion folks believed in.

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