Why girls suck at the game

This is a short animation with a title that I believe translates to “Girls Suck at Video Games”. Click the URL and watch it: http://vimeo.com/12625441

Obviously, the video has nothing to do with video games but instead uses them as a metaphor for the obstacles women face in life. And it is true. The thing that gets me is that this is an accepted reality. Women are expected to be held back by the children and handle domestic issues while men are therefore considered more reliable and better workers.

That part is not true. It is a social construct. Collectively, it has somehow been decided that women are caretakers, leaving men as the more productive members of society. (Men are productive, women are reproductive.) We have come very far with women advancing and succeeding in many different careers. Sometimes women are even better at these jobs than men. The stigma remains the same. The video highlights that reality.

There has been a longing for a change that goes back to the Women’s Rights movement. How many years has it been since then with incomplete results? Women outnumber men. It is pretty absurd. This can be twisted into a sick commentary on how ineffective women are at getting what they want, but it is pretty clear that men completely dominate the power structure and offer little leeway.

I have long questioned the value of ironic t-shirts

We have seen the problem highlighted and demonstrated enough. When are we going to start highlighting effective strategies for moving toward equality? I am tired of the reminder that things are not ideal. Where is the goal setting? Where are the plans of action? I like the video a lot; at the same time, it strikes me as a suggestion of damsel in distress syndrome. We need more great points coupled with proactive solutions.

Thanks for the link, PopMatters

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