Movie ticket price increase

Is an empty theatre the ultimate goal of theatre owners? I’m not surprised with the announcement that ticket prices for movie theatres have gone up yet again. As of today, there was a slight increase in what most of us already consider overpriced experiences. As the linked report says, 3D films will be hit by this the most. The rest will only see minimal price increases. In checking online, I’ve found that the prices for my local theatre only went up $1. The bargain matinees, for the theatres offering them, remained the same. (Feel envious if you cannot find $4-$5 movies near you. It pays to live in small, unimportant areas sometimes.)

I still call bullshit. The reason for the price increase is not due to theatres trying to make up for loss of revenue but instead because ticket sales increased 10% over the past year. The theory is that theatre attendance will remain static or increase, leading to increased revenue. I will not fault them for trying to make an additional buck, but the reasoning used is disappointing.

I want to demand that we avoid theatres until prices are decreased but to a preferred status quo, but doing so is petty. $1 in my market is not enough for a boycott, and 3D does not affect me because I am not bothering with it until Tron Legacy in December. But the reasoning used by the theatre owners is the same type of reasoning that led to the decreased sales of past years. They do not seem to understand that hiking up the prices because people are going will eventually lead to people not going. It honestly makes me wonder if Disney’s desire to cut Alice in Wonderland’s run in theatres short was based in part on prescience.

I also wonder how popular 3D films will be with their prices creeping closer to (and in some places exceeding) $15…


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  1. I agree with you, we should boycott, but again it only works if EVERYONE does it. Hopefully, something can be started to make the owners pay for robbing the public during hard times like we are experiencing now.

  2. yeah … cinemas make Netflix look so cheap.

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