“We Are the World” 2.0 = Disappointing, Shameful

As much as it pains me to be in agreement with Jay-Z, the new rendition of “We Are the World” is disappointing. I do not think that the original is somehow untouchable in its perfection, since it is a pretty annoying song. (It’s long and repetitive.) It’s just that remaking the song strikes me as insincere. While I am almost certain that most of the celebrities involved were there to help raise money for Haiti, there will always be concern that some were their for face time. Helping Haiti is a good image booster, and someone who buys the MP3 is in a good place to follow-up with an album or movie download as well. Not to mention that all those involved are covering an old song, which means little effort was necessary.

The parts that really get me are when the autotune guys show up and the rap breakdown. The song transitions from being middling but honest homage to embarrassing and, ultimately, poorly dated. I am not comfortable with people looking back on this song and thinking that the best we could offer was robot voice and the worst rap offerings available. Something more original and more inspirational should have been offered up for Haiti.

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