Gamers oppose Orson Scott Card-related game

GamePolitics reports that gamers have proposed a boycott of Shadow Complex due to its being based in Orson Scott Card’s Empire universe. Card is fairly well known for his stance against gay rights, mostly due to his being a devout Mormon. When his beliefs about homosexuality came into fruition some years, many fans of his work felt betrayed and have turned against him. This is just the latest in anti-Cardism.

The issue doesn’t really tear me. If I had an Xbox 360, I would jump at the chance to own a metroidvania-style game, no matter the source. I am a huge supporter of gay rights, but I also believe that Card can maintain what I perceive to be myopic beliefs. I own three books that take place in the Ender’s Game timeline, and I once received Card’s how-to on writing science fiction. There comes a time when it’s not inappropriate to separate the art from the person. If the art is a direct statement, it’s fine to stage a boycott. If you’re attacking the art just because of the name attached but not because of the content, then you’re mostly being foolish and no more myopic yourself.


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