Red Robin – inheritor of Batman’s (paranoid) legacy

I’m two issues into what I thought might be misstep in the new direction of DC’s line of Batman comics. With Bruce Wayne dead or missing (the latter being 99.98% likely), Dick Grayson-Wayne has taken over as Batman and Damian Wayne – Bruce’s bastard son with Talia al Ghul – has been appointed Robin. The question is where does that leave Tim Drake-Wayne? Well, it leaves him out in the cold, especially as the only one who believes that Bruce simply cannot be gone.

Red Robin is about Tim Drake-Wayne, carrying all of the depression of Peter Parker but following the mold of the paranoid Bruce Wayne - possibly resulting in one of the most unhealthy characters ever!

This amazes me because he’s basically become Batman, despite not picking up the mantle himself. Batman doesn’t believe anything anyone tells him because, quite frankly, it doesn’t mean a damn thing unless he’s discerned it with his own eyes and tools. Just look at the Justice League. You know how unsure of the world and others’ observations Batman is? He argues with Superman. No one argues with Superman.

How long until Tim devotes himself to discovering how to reverse the aging process of a clone or slow down the entirety of the Speed Force just in case his friends get out of control?

So, Tim is trying to find Bruce even after Superman has confirmed that he is dead. That makes Tim the new Batman. While he hasn’t argued with Superman about the status of his adopted father, he denies that Kal-El is even a remotely credible source on the matter. Of course, as of issue two of the Red Robin book, Tim’s irrational discernment of Bruce’s continued life is taking him down a road that is not safe to travel. He will be teaming up with Ra’s al Ghul to discover the truth. There’s something about that which fills me with a twisted, comic book nerd pleasure. After this, Tim Drake may be crowned the world’s greatest detective.

Author: Gospel X

Media commentator who tries not to waste time - and often fails

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