Moby offers free music…and nets heavy sales

We’ve already learned that Moby thinks the RIAA should be disbanded, so it’s no surprise that he released his last single free to the public on his websThere's nothing clever I can say about this album cover other than the fact that it's entirely too cute.ite. A recent article states that this same  single is somehow the #1 seller on iTunes, and his recently released album would have probably debuted in the top position if not for the posthumous sales flux of Michael Jackson albums. (At least in Europe. No telling where Moby would land in the US.) What kind of lesson can the labels learn from this? Offering the fans something for free can enhance sales. Then again, to be completely fair, Moby has a pretty strong fanbase. Trent Reznor offered an entire album for free before releasing it in stores, where it sold far too few copies to be considered for the #1 position.

Check the Moby article link for Moby’s latest video, directed by David Lynch!

Author: Gospel X

Media commentator who tries not to waste time - and often fails

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