No MvC2 on Wii

1UP News with the report

The article seems to put the blame squarely on Nintendo’s shoulders when it comes to porting Marvel vs. Capcom 2 on the Nintendo Wii console.  Capcom did not secure retail rights, and the file is too big to abide by the Wii file size standards.  Maybe Nintendo could make an exception for the game?

Surprisingly, they’re not doing what they seem to be doing with other games for the Wii – dumbing it down and making a more derivative version for the system.  Hell, worked for Dead Rising: Chop till You Drop, right?  Honestly, if Capcom really wanted to put this game out and make money off of a Nintendo audience who would gladly drop $14 on the game, all they’d have to do is drop the 3D-rendered backgrounds and change the horrid soundtrack.  Maybe cut out the secret characters.  There’s a way to make it work!

Interesting to note is the fact that Capcom admits to only having the rights to release the game online, not via retail.  Many people have speculated that this game is being released because a third title is being produced, but what kind of deal would restrain a full release of a sure-to-succeed prequel but allow for the full retail release of the new game?  Either the new game would also be a download (not allowed for the Wii as well), or there is no new game in the works.

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