Understanding Disney’s place in animation

Remember when Disney was the leader in terms of film animation?  Heck, there was even a time when I’d argue they were the best in terms of TV animation as well.  They got there because they were smart.  A YouTube user put together a short video showing a particularly clever shortcut of sorts that Disney used to employ – reusing existing cels as templates for scenes in other movies.

The YouTube user who uploaded this wrongly stated that the Disney Vault is hiding the truth about their productions, that they’ve made one film, from us. Truth be told, the only thing concealed is how clever Disney studios can be.

The Beauty and the Beast example, I’m sure, is likely paying homage rather than copying the cels.  Given how much money was pumped into that title, especially given the computer work, one can’t say that they resorted to the same sorts of shortcuts.  The rest are just interesting.  New cels need to be produced for these scenes, but it is a great way to shave some production time.

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