Character vs. Idea – a writer explains his disappointment with BSG’s finale

The promised link.

Immediately after reading the linked text, I was tempted to contact the friends I knew who enjoyed Battlestar Galactica’s finale and give them the link. This was something that I felt would vindicate me. My subjective opinion would thus be proven superior to someone else’s because yet a third subjective opinion agreed with mine and put it in an intellectual manner. No, BSG’s finale was disappointing because the creators gave us something that didn’t fit well with the rest of the series. Haha!

While I undoubtedly agree with what Robert Bland says, I realize the futility in saying anything more. That is is the main reason I haven’t really gone out of my way to say anything about the series since my last entry on it. The series is over. Everyone who has seen it through has formulated his or her opinion on it already. Any attempt at changing their opinions, even worse intellectualizing why your own opinion is somehow more right, is a combination of both intellectual masturbation and outright condescending jerkery. It’s partially due to a disappointment that we incorrectly label as betrayal, and it’s partially due to the fact that we may be jealous that someone other than ourselves got some sort of satisfaction from the conclusion. Not all endings are going to satisfy everyone. It’s just interesting how much this particular ending has managed to polarize its audience.

Author: Gospel X

Media commentator who tries not to waste time - and often fails

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