Can games look classy?

A recent post on GameSetWatch linked me to two separate communities – Something Awful and NeoGAF – who had features with a similar goal in mind: What if video game box art was more classy and respectful, like that of the Criterion Collection or classic novels?  Some of the results are pretty cool.  I may not be one to talk, though, since I enjoyed the box art from the earliest Nintendo games – giant pixels and all.

Bane of my existence because its Tetris-like qualities but absolute failure at being Tetris

While the outlook on video games by the mainstream is continually becoming more accepting, I have to wonder what people would think if video game box art did become less loud and stopped the silly attempt at being edgy.  Would people be less down on games if they walked into stores and found most box art appeared like this?  The current image projected is adolescent at best, so what would happen if the image made such a sudden shift?

Author: Gospel X

Media commentator who tries not to waste time - and often fails

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