Short Response to RE5 Controversy

MTV Multiplayer recently put up an interview with Resident Evil 5’s cinematic director, Jim Sonzero, in which he got to respond to the controversy about the game’s questionably racist visuals. He naturally defends the game, and he says that Capcom went out of their way to balance things out – like making the second lead black and “peppering” the landscape of infected with white people. He also stated that people just want something to bitch about.

This response is fine. I believe that Capcom tried to make things balanced, but there’s still a latent racism in the game and in games in general. I like how the attempt at balancing things out started with a light-skinned black woman with straight hair. Then they put white people into the body count. However, an interesting question came to mind:

Why couldn’t they have initially conceived a game with a black lead? Not as a shoe-horned co-lead but as the actual lead?

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