re: Sessler’s Soapbox: Killzone Mailbag

Adam Sessler recently responded to a number of posts on G4’s forums, and he wasn’t happy with the level of criticism raised at the reviews on his show. I’m certain he did not just learn that most of the people who frequent message boards and online forums are teenagers and immature adults. When they disagree with something, they make it personal because they don’t know how else to discuss things. This in turn had Sessler responding to things poorly.

I am not a fan of the G4 Network. I think my first post on this blog was about how I don’t like Morgan Webb, but I admit that was an unnecessary post. I do, however, like Sessler to some degree. He strikes me as a genuine game player and honest journalist. That’s why I’m disappointed that he’s taken time to lash out at his viewers this way.

By swearing at your viewers and telling them that they’re lonely people, you stoop to their level. Sure, they are questioning your journalistic integrity. You’re a TV personality who reviews video games, so I’m sure you’re used to such an accusation. By responding to people in such a way, you present yourself as something unbecoming of a professional – and that’s when your integrity comes into question. Never reduce yourself to the level of a namecalling adolescent, especially when you have a prominent soapbox. Those people already don’t respect you. Don’t put yourself in a position to lose the respect of the people who still do.

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